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Engaged Sweeper
I cant seem to see the setting for this, and wondering if this is possible or will be implemented soon.

Basically if we have Auto Assign turned on for Round Robin. How does the system know if an agent is on holiday or shift.

So say we had agents who worked 9-5.30 and 12.30-9pm

We wouldnt want the auto assign create tickets for agents on the 12.30 shift until they start that shift. otherwise this will mess up SLA's and also tickets wont be dealt with until agent start's their shift. and also if they on holiday for a week.

Does the Calendar relate to this, as i cant see how you assign an agent to the calendar only that you can allow agent have access to it.
Engaged Sweeper
Thanks for this i will take a look and see if this will work for us.

It would be good if there is an agent shift login section, i will send them a ticket and see if this is something they may look at in the future. 🙂
Engaged Sweeper
I had a look into this, and it looks like it's done through the calendar, for what you want, you would need to:

1) Create an event type for shifts
2) Set the event types to "agents not available"
4) Create a recurring daily event in the hours that the agent will NOT be available for each shift, then assign the teams to the events.

You'd need two "events", one for each shift.

Shifts seems like something that would be easy enough to implement separately from the calendar, might need to ask Lansweeper nicely. 😛