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Engaged Sweeper
Hey guys!

Hoping someone could help me with the LANsweeper ticket autoclosing.

I have it configured for a test, I know the ticket will be considered closed once it hits all three of the time values.

So the first email is sent 1 hour after the agent places the ticket in confirm resolution state. The 2nd email is sent 1 hour after the first if no response. After 3 hours, I was under the impression the ticket would just close. I get the first two email alerts but the ticket never closes.

I made a new ticket type with no requirements whatsoever to rule that possibility out, it just sent the first two emails and sat in the confirm resolution state.

Any ideas?

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
We found that in versions higher than the auto-close rule was not taking affect any more for some reason. Our developers have a fix which should get implemented in the next release. Unfortunately, I can't give you an exact time when this update will be available.
Engaged Sweeper
FYI, that was an old screen shot, the last value is 1 hour.

Thanks! 🙂