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Actions sub-sections with dynamic roll-up/fold

We are organising our basic actions list into sub sections (information, remote connections, remote operations, software installs).To break these up we put them each in a specific number range ie: 4001-4999 is software installs.We then put a fake act...

ghelpdesk by Champion Sweeper
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Computer Nick Names

Would like to be able to give Computer objects an Alias/NicknameWhen we get errors from event logs. It shows the computer name. But if we was able to give them Nick names of maybe the user who is using it.. We would see that instead.Or add the abilit...

systemzee by Engaged Sweeper II
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Last known switch port

Really impressed with the latest version 5 of your product. Just frustrating that the product goes to the effort of collecting the switch port information to show where PCs are connected, only to wipe it if the PC is not switched on the next time it ...

JonG by Engaged Sweeper III
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Email Account or WatchFolder for Document Repository

It would be great that lansweeper has the option to receive an email with attachments or a folder that when it detects the presence of a new document it imports the documents to the database. Once this document is in SQL, you can open any asset and a...

alex2044 by Engaged Sweeper
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CPU details

I'd like to see the following on the main Summary page for a computer, where the PROCESSOR details are.- number of CPU cores /and or hyperthreads.

danielm by Champion Sweeper II
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