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Users Now in Sites: Elevating Your User Data Visibility

Hello everyone! Exciting news on the Lansweeper front today – we're elevating your user data visibility within your Lansweeper sites! We're delighted to announce a robust integration of your users seamlessly alongside your asset and software invento...

Users-Inventory.png Users-Search.png Users-Relations.png
Julien_P by Product Team
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Linux CPU Cores

I can find CPU Cores for all but Linux devices. Please advise.Can you provide some sample SQL code to build a report from? - Thanks.

Server status for helpdesk users

I will like to share with the users some kind of servers status in the news feed. Something like this As long as lansweeper is not a monitoring software, it will be ok just to allow to insert iframes on the news page to put some...

yayitazale by Engaged Sweeper III
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Feature Req: Ability to Assign Permission to deployment

Enhance deployment module with permission management. For example I don't want certain users to deploy certain packages and certain users to be able to modify packages but have permissions to deploy. Also want to lock out certain users from creatin...

PeterJG by Champion Sweeper II
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Please unclutter the Software listings

I've asked for this a long time ago and I'm asking it again. Help reduce the display of useless software. At our company, we are 100 employees and have 150 servers. According to Lansweeper, we have over 2000 software/versions installed and over 700...

PierreM by Engaged Sweeper III
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Ignore Auto Reply for emailed Tickets

We would like the lansweeper helpdesk to ignore automatic auto replies from users email when tickets have been closed. When these emails are sent back to lansweeper they open the tickets back up.

deziner22 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Credential groups

Currently, if I want to use a list of credentials, maybe "Common SNMP Read Strings" or "Default SNMP Read Strings" I must enter each one of the strings as a credential and then assign each one to an address range for scanning.What would be nice to se...

DaveinJP by Engaged Sweeper III
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Customize 'Extra new ticket options'

Is it possible to change what I think are the 'Extra new ticket options'?When creating a new ticket, I would prefer that the 'User concerning' value doesn't default to the name of the agent creating the ticket; rather I would want it to be blank so t...

sandve by Engaged Sweeper III
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