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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support
What is Cloud?
Cloud is a new way to use and access Lansweeper by using a centralized interface.
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Getting started
You can link your installation in just a few minutes.
Learn how

Link with Cloud unsuccessful?
Review our troubleshooting guide for tips on how to resolve the issue.

Secure your Cloud
Enforce security by enabling SSO and setting up MFA.

Control access
Invite users to your site to work with your data collaboratively. Control access over assets and features with the powerful permissions system.

Manage your data
Learn how you can view data using boards and built-in reports. Or, use the cloud report builder to create your custom reports.

Software data normalization
Within Cloud, you can view your software data as it was scanned, but Cloud does more. Cloud standardizes software names, publishers, and version numbers using machine learning, allowing you to see your software data in a standardized and uniform way.

Asset deduplication
Duplicate assets can get generated in your inventory, intended or unintended. In Cloud, we introduced asset deduplication to help identify duplicates and solve duplication conflicts.

Make it your own
Customize the interface by adding Site Branding, changing date/time display settings and changing your Cloud account profile settings.

Beyond Lansweeper
Thanks to the Cloud API, you can leverage your Lansweeper data in third-party systems. Get started with the Cloud API to build your custom integration or integrate your ecosystem with already available API plugins.

More resources
View our complete list of Cloud articles.

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