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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

You are trying to send out a new note/mail from the Lansweeper Helpdesk, but the below error is thrown.

"An error occurred when trying to mail the previous note. No recipient(s) were found."

What happened?

This error occurs when the helpdesk cannot complete a mailing action to a specific account. This is usually caused by an invalid account being used as the agent, the user, or the cc user.

Now what?

Navigate to the ticket's History tab and try to spot after which action the system messages start coming in.

Remember that e-mails can also be sent by actions triggered by your outgoing e-mail templates on the 'Configuration\E-mail settings' page.

To resolve this, we recommend the following:

  • Ensure the tickets do not contain any users, CC users, or agents that no longer exist.
  • Ensure the tickets contain no attachments that are too large for your mail server to process.
  • Ensure your helpdesk email address is fully operational.
    - If the test is successful under Configuration\E-mail Settings, there should be no issue.
    - You can receive more verbose feedback regarding your email connection using Mailtester.exe, which can be found in the Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Tools folder on your Lansweeper server.
  • Ensure there is no Anti-Virus, firewall, or security setting on your mail or scanning server that can interrupt email connectivity.

Restart the following services afterward to cover all bases:

  • The web server service (IIS Express or World Wide Web Publishing) on the device that hosts your web console.
  • The 'Lansweeper service" on the scanning server that is set up for Helpdesk mailing.

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