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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

You open the Lansweeper helpdesk, but it takes ages to load. It seems stuck and non-responsive. 

What happened?

A corrupt value in your helpdesk filters likely causes the issue you are seeing. These filters load automatically when you attempt to access the helpdesk. Unfortunately, as you're unable to access the helpdesk to remove these filters, you're stuck.

Now what?

As you cannot open the helpdesk, the only way to delete the existing filters is by running an SQL script directly against the Lansweeper database. 

  • Just to be safe, we do recommend performing a database backup before running any scripts. Do not skip this step. Instructions on how to take a backup can be found here.
  • Afterward, stop the web server service on your Lansweeper web server. The web server service on your Lansweeper web server is either World Wide Web Publishing Service (IIS) or IIS Express. (This will end all active logon sessions for your web console users.)
  • Open the DatabaseMaintenance.exe tool, which can be found under Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Tools on your Lansweeper server.
  • Open the Script Execution tab.
  • Modify the query below, replacing the highlighted text with your username and user domain values.
  • Copy/paste the modified script into the Script Execution tab and click Execute.
    • This script will close all open helpdesk filters for your user account, i.e. open tabs containing searches.
DELETE FROM htblsavedcustomfilters 
WHERE userid IN
(SELECT userid FROM htblusers WHERE username = ' User1 ' AND userdomain = ' Domain1 ')

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