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Lansweeper Tech Support

We have received reports mentioning that Windows computers have been excluded from agentless scanning and attempted to be scanned with an agent instead. This results in the asset also being excluded when scanned with LsAgent.

What is happening, and what is the solution?

When using LsAgent to scan, rather than excluding devices from being scanned, we instead advise doing the following:

  • Review your scanning targets under Scanning > Scanning Targets, and modify them so the LsAgent clients are not included in the scope of your scanning targets.

  • Review current exclusions under Scanning > Scanning Targets > Scanning Exclusions and delete any exclusions which would prevent LsAgent from scanning the respective clients.

At the moment, scanning exclusions get priority over every other form of scanning.

Adding exclusions specific to agentless scanning has already been included in our customer wish list. Features on our customer wish list get development priority based on customer demand and implementation difficulty. As such, we can't guarantee that this feature will be implemented or provide you with an estimated release date.

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