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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

You might find yourself in a situation where deployment is stuck on a target machine, a big batch of deployments is launched, or a scheduled task is not progressing, and you want to cancel the deployment entirely, and you can't help but wonder ... 

Is there any way to stop a deployment once it is triggered?

The fast answer is yes, there is!

But first, let's share some backend insight into how the Deployments module works.

  • Using scanning credentials, LsDeployment.exe is written to the local computer, it is stored in the Windows\LsDeployment folder.
  • All the details of the deployment package are written to the local computer's registry. Location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\lansweeper
  • A scheduled task is created on the local computer using the scanning credentials. 
  • The scheduled task is executed and calls LsDeployment.exe with a GUID parameter to refer it to the correct registry location. Your Run Mode credentials are used for this.
  • LsDeployment executes the deployment package according to the steps stored in the local registry.
If the package share is used in a deployment step, the file is read directly from the share UNC path. The package share credentials provided in the Deployment\Security Options tab are used for this.

How do we stop a deployment once the Deploy button is pressed? 

Before stopping a deployment, stop all Lansweeper services used for deploying in your network.

We have two main scenarios: 

  • The scheduled tasks are already created on your target machines.
  • The scheduled tasks are created yet on your target machines

What to do if the scheduled tasks are already created on your target machines?

  • Boot the target computers in safe mode and remove the items below used to run the deployment:
    • The executable present in the C:\Windows\LSDeployment folder on the client machine.
    • The registry entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\lansweeper\Remote deployment

What to do if the scheduled tasks have not been created yet on your target machines? 

  • Stopping the Lansweeper Server service in Windows Services on your Lansweeper Server. (this will immediately prevent deployments from being sent if they haven't yet)
  • Deleting any deployment schedules under Deployment\Scheduled Deployments.
  • To be safe, we recommend creating a database backup before running any scripts. 
  • Run the script below via DatabaseMaintenance.exe, which can be found in the Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Tools folder on your Lansweeper server.


Delete from tsyspackageexecution
Delete from tsyspackagelogs


  • Restart your Lansweeper Server and IIS Express services. 

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