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Champion Sweeper
Yesterday I tried to look a users up in Lansweeper and they did not show up. I thought that was odd so I tried looking up the computer name instead. Also not in LS and they have two computers. I searched AD for the prefix on the computer name, XXXX* and it found 16 machines. If I search LS for XXXX just one machine comes up. LS has found 305 computers in that OU so to me that means its being scanned. As a test last night I specifically added that child OU that has some of the missing machines to the LS active scanning even though its already being scanned as part of the parent OU. I rebooted the server to kick off a complete scan. This morning those machines are still not searchable in LS.

What could be causing this? If LS was failing to scan them that would be one thing but the machines don't exist in the system at all.

P.S. I can't wait until LS can pull the users out of AD like it does computers. In this case I would have been able to find the user account at least.
Champion Sweeper
This turned out to be completely unrelated to LS. We don't scan some OUs intentionally and somehow not one but both of this users machines were named incorrectly and located in two different OUs we don't scan. Time for a refresher at our next team meeting
Champion Sweeper
I'll give that a shot. I've seen the user I was trying to look up in the building, I'll have to see if she has been using her assigned machine lately.
Lansweeper Alumni
Please note that if you submit OUs under Active Scanning\Active Scanning OU Filtering, only the specified OUs will be scanned.
Are you also certain that the affected machines have been logged into?

If the scanning issue persists, please contact us at and provide us with screenshots of the following:
- Your web console landing page.
- Your scanning credentials, found in the configuration console under Scanning Options\Scanning Credentials.
- All domain scanning methods you have enabled under Scanning Servers\Your Server: Active Scanning, IP Range Scanning and/or Scheduled Scanning.
- A connection test performed from the Lansweeper server to an affected client using the testconnection.exe. Make sure you check “Alternate credentials”. Enter the same credentials you use in your Lansweeper configuration console for the domain the affected client belongs to. More info on the testconnection.exe can be found on page 106 of our online documentation.

Technut27 wrote:
I can't wait until LS can pull the users out of AD like it does computers. In this case I would have been able to find the user account at least.

Lansweeper currently only reports on AD users that are found to be logged onto a computer during a scan. We may change this behavior in a future update.