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Active Directory - Nested Security Groups for Computers

We have computers organized in Active Directory via security groups.Example:LaptopComputer#1 is a member of AD Security Group - "Workstation 1".Workstation 1 is a member of AD Security Group - "Floor 1".Floor 1 is a member of AD Security Group - "Dep...

Sweeper by Visitor Sweeper
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Internet Explorer 11 reported even after removing it

Hi there,When running the builtin 'Software: Unauthorized software' report, I get IE11 listed on all windows 10 and Windows 11 computers. I had pushed the 'dism /online /Remove-Capability /CapabilityName:Browser.InternetExplorer~~~~' command ...

ChipRauta by Engaged Sweeper
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Zero day report backwards?

When looking at my Zero day report it appears that it's showing up-to date and out-of-date backwards. Where woud I go to correct this? Thanks!

dbeav by Engaged Sweeper II
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Lansweeper Reports - user info from asset list

I have a large list of asset names in an excel spreadsheet and would like to run a report in Lansweeper giving me the general info for each of these assets, specifically the user/last user would be most useful.Can someone help me out with a solution?...

Resolved! Dashboard > Servers Tab... "Server Errors" on left of page...

I'm trying to understand how the "Server Errors" pane was created - I'd like to duplicate it in Hardware tab, but pick off similar errors related to Windows computers in general.  I see how the data was created in the Server Errors pane, but duplicat...

Last Logon Report that includes all Windows devices?

Hello Everyone I am currently working on a Report to list the last Logon Time of all our Windows Devices in our Infrastructure and I found this query for it: Select Top 1000000 UserInfo.Username, UserInfo.Domain As Userdomain, UserInfo.LastLogon ...

gabe by Engaged Sweeper
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Patch Level and Uptime report: sort by "uptime since last reboot"

I've noticed this on several reports, but this one specifically - a recent blog post provided a great report, but the sorting on uptime is broken. 9 days is not longer than 89. Is there any way to add a front zero on single digit days? 

jclaud by Engaged Sweeper
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Adobe Acrobat End of Life Report

I'm looking for Adobe Acrobat End of Life report in Lansweeper, but I'm only able to find Adobe Flash End of Life related report.  Is there and EOL Report for Adobe Acrobat?  Example for Adobe 9, X, XI, DC 2015, etc.  

HHL by Engaged Sweeper
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Hello - In the knowledge base, on this page:  the following disadvantage is listed for a setup with several sites: "Reports cannot be run across multiple sites at once".I suppose that "at...

erwin_k by Engaged Sweeper II
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