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Resolved! Report Error?

See screenshot. I copied this report from lansweeper in "download reports" but for some reason this error will not go away and I don't know how to fix it. SQL is not my strong suit here.

peckk by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! In trial mode, you can't export data

My trial mode ended about 2 months ago. I am currently in freeware mode but I am still getting this error message when trying to schedule and send email reports: "In trial mode, you can't export data"How do I get this feature working? I have already ...

bolson by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Create Report : Audit VMs Last Logon > 90Days

Looking for assistance creating a report that will provide a list of VMs that no one has logged into for at least 90 days, created the below report but does not seem to coincide with the logon times as I see VMs in the list that were recently logged ...

ggalati by Engaged Sweeper
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SQL query gone banans

This SQL statement is executed somewhere:SELECT COUNT(1) AS total FROM web40repsoftchangeslast7dayThis view contents is in the attached file:This cause my SQL server to go bananas in the Temp base and fill it up. I ran thequery an the result is 1.000...

Windows update in Asset

If you have to know that Which computer has Have the versions been updated or is there any Windows update path every day? can be written as Can you report? Or is there any way to do it? information as desired

Resolved! Report computers with two antivirus software

Hello,I noticed that I have computers with two antivirus installed.I've checked the previous report but looks like it doesnt work for me: ...

script to export a key in regedit

Hi guys I need some help.I need to create a task in LAsn so that it exports a record within the Windows Regeditex: Computer\HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-80-3871198407-3985681096-187537395-327373503-1498934226\Software\Googleit would be possible

mreis29 by Engaged Sweeper
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OS: Not latest Build of Windows 10

Report no longer working found a temp work around for now but would like to get this one working again to show what systems ore not on 8-2023 build.Also what the command to put the code in a window with the copy linkerror Conversion failed when conve...

JZastow by Engaged Sweeper II
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How to Get windows restore points on the Portal

Hi, I would like to know is there is any option to add on every windows computers any drop down menu or option to visualize restore points of the system in the asset page on premise installation.I know that I could get for instance all restore points...

Alaponuke by Engaged Sweeper II
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Antivirus Reports on Lansweeper Classic

Hello Community,I am new to the Lansweeper and need to know a detail about Lansweeper reports.I have a customer and they need to get the details of the PCs that not installed an Antivirus product in their enterprise network. Can I get those details f...

DOSHAKA90 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Windows 11 compatibility report

Lansweeper published this great report template that checks your Windows assets for Windows 11 compatibility. Windows 11 Requirements Audit - Lansweeper IT Asset ManagementHowever, there is a flaw in this report in that it is marking an asset as fail...