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hardware inventory lan

Hi everybody know how I collect a hardware inventory in my Lan only information " Computer Name - Processador Model - Memory - Operational System - Hard Disk Volume - Username and manufacturer" ? Have a template or i need to custom this? Could you he...

Can BitLocker PIN Enabled\Disabled be added to report?

I currently have a report that shows if BitLocker/TPM are enabled on laptops. I also need to know if a PIN has been set. I am able to see Key Protectors with manage-bde are Numerical Password, TPM and PIN. Can lansweeper pull this information as well...


Database field for Dell Monitor Express Code?

I am trying to get a report of my Dell monitors which shows either the Service tag or Express Code.  I cannot find that field in the database, but the Express Code DOES appear for each monitor when I pull one up individually (see attached screenshot)...

mfassler by Engaged Sweeper
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Historic user login

Our organization has a mixture of Windows and Mac devices and are looking at the possibility if Lansweeper can report on current and past users who have logged onto the device. The live demo has the option for Windows but no timestamp and Mac seems t...

Delver01 by Engaged Sweeper
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REPORTS - Join data from three different columns into the same one

Hi all,I'd like to join the data from three different columns in a report, this fields are amount of RAM, DDR type and memory speed in MHZ. I've got the parameters and the report shows them well, but as I have it in the next column about HDD info (co...

Resolved! lansweeper report

Hello dear friends, my company is asking me to report every 3 months on my network assets by category I would like to know if it is possible to generate this report Ex: x quantity of notebook x amount of desktop

mreis18 by Engaged Sweeper
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Email reports sending multiple instances of the same report

I just set up email reporting in our environment, and the reports are sending correctly and to the correct place, but each time I hit 'Email configured reports now' (to test the email reports) it sends 7 instances of the same report, and I'm not sure...

BitLocker Security Feature Bypass Vulnerability Report

regarding: was asked In the FAQ's:Q. Are there additional steps that I need to take to be protected from this vulnerability?A. You must apply the applicable Windows securi...

Stretch605 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Create a custom widget with chart report

Hi Team,I want to create a custom widget to check Office 365 version installed on my assets.I found a query to do a chart report, that's working fine, see belowNow if I unsderstand I need to create an aspx file where I include my query. I red lanswee...

Capture d'écran_20230117_191140.png
shaka17 by Engaged Sweeper II
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