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VB Script popup wont appear on the Asset Host.

Hi Quick question i setup a vb script with a yes or no continue option for the end user. I can access the VB script from the Asset(end-user) host if i go to the shared drive. But when i hit the deploy button after setting up the vb script with the sc...

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Resolved! user can reboot PC??

we are testing this product and we got an idea.We associate the computer and the user account, and now the most interesting thing is "How can I make sure that every user who logs in to our site can see his computer and restart it?"

Yuriy by Engaged Sweeper
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Custom Widget to Track Windows Service

I need help creating a custom widget that can track the status (Running/Stopped) of two Windows services and return one or two tables for running and stopped services.I have query available that can produce the list form, but cannot use that in creat...

Resolved! Open C$

All of a sudden the Open C$ action has stopped working, when I click on it I get the vbs file that opensSet objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")objShell.ShellExecute WScript.Arguments(0), "", "", "", 1nothing has changed on our end, it does t...

markh65 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Azure target mapping to credentials disappears after refresh

After the creation of the Azure target, we mapped the credentials. But the Azure (Subscription) mapping disappears after a refresh. I followed the following instruction:

avams by Engaged Sweeper
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Scanning target not scanning report assets

After update to, LanSweeper is not scanning all assets in a report at scheduled time. I have rebuilt the scanning target, tried disabling/reenabling, but still not scanning assets at scheduled time. Is there anything else to try?

Delete old user profiles

This action can be used to delete old user profiles from a remote computer.This example deletes all user profiles not used in the last 180 days.The tool can be downloaded from the Microsoft website:

Michael_V by Champion Sweeper III
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Windows user activity tracking

I've played around with "user query /servername:[computer]" and i'm happy with the information it displays. (The /servername switch is only needed for a remote query. "user query" run locally is all that's needed)I can see console or rdp, idle times,...

EP-DaveP by Engaged Sweeper
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Report showing app even after it has gone

I have remoted onto each individual computer and confirmed 100% that the app is now gone, and I have even deleted the folder from Program Files as well for it.BUT Lansweeper still shows 20 out of 150 computers still has it installed.I have even reins...

Tholmes by Engaged Sweeper III
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Creating a schduled task on remote computer

Hi,Deploying a script that creates a scheduled task, creates the task but it cannot be run manually.I am deploying as system because many remote computers may be running without a logged on user.The same task runs OK when I run the already deployed ...

amosrinat by Engaged Sweeper
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Internet history of an user (IE and Firefox)

Well, in the last weeks I've faced a lot of new vírus that were not detected by an antivirus, so I had to figure out how they have entered in the computer. I've installed this neat action to check logged in user internet history, and it also works fo...

BullGates by Champion Sweeper
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Remote Uninstaller

This is a good alternative to the old LS remote uninstall utility and seems to work a bit better as well.{actionpath}uninstallview.exe /connectmode 2 /computername {smartname}If you adjust the preferen...

steveb by Champion Sweeper
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uVNC Config

Hello,I have the honor to be the new lansweeper- person in my company, and what the problem currently is:when you open the u VNC over the action, the config does not support multi-monitor and zooming.Probably I must only change the command and add th...

RatWolf by Engaged Sweeper
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