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Resolved! In trial mode, you can't export data

My trial mode ended about 2 months ago. I am currently in freeware mode but I am still getting this error message when trying to schedule and send email reports: "In trial mode, you can't export data"How do I get this feature working? I have already ...

bolson by Engaged Sweeper
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Scan times and how to determine their end time

Hi there,we are new users for LANsweeper and we have a few locations that are not that great with their bandwidth and are concerned that scan times can take to long and therefor impact the production. So they raised the question if there is an option...

Resolved! Deployments Stopped Working

Hey everyone,One day, seemingly out of the blue, deployments have stopped working.  As far as I can tell nothing has changed with the admin user's permissions, the share location that hosts the installers being deployed, or Group Policy Objects.  Wha...

idontknow by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Create Report : Audit VMs Last Logon > 90Days

Looking for assistance creating a report that will provide a list of VMs that no one has logged into for at least 90 days, created the below report but does not seem to coincide with the logon times as I see VMs in the list that were recently logged ...

ggalati by Engaged Sweeper
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How to Get windows restore points on the Portal

Hi, I would like to know is there is any option to add on every windows computers any drop down menu or option to visualize restore points of the system in the asset page on premise installation.I know that I could get for instance all restore points...

Alaponuke by Engaged Sweeper II
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Asset Custom fields type don't save

In Configuration > Asset Pages, I can't change the type in the Asset Custom fields section. Whenever I refresh the page, it reverts back to the previous value. However, I can edit the other parts of it without any issue.

miladpc by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! How can I identify stacked switches in lansweeper

I am scanning the network and I can find all the switches, but the problem is that any stacked switch will show only the one master switch, it does not show the rest of the stacked switches! is there a way that I can get the information of the other ...

Ammar by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Computer hardware and software change report

HI Everyone,Can lansweeper use the report output to check whether the computer has hardware or software installed or changed?For example, add 8G of memory today or replace the hard disk, or install PDF Reader softwarethank you~ 

Resolved! Software License Types

HiI am trying to add a software license type of concurrent usage to my Lansweeper instance but cannot find where to or how to do this.Is anyone able to point me in the right direction?Many thanksDaveC

DaveC by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweeper startup

Hi,I'm having a problem with Lansweeper.We restart the server weekly to complete system updates and more.The problem is that almost always the IIS service doesn't start, it stays on the stopped state. I have to manually go and restart the services.If...

MarcoT by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Remote Controle Pulseway

we have been using the SCCM tool through LS for a few years now but we are migrating over to Pulseway however they are no match for LS regarding a lot of what LS does so we will continue to use LS but we are wondering if there is a way to leverage Pu...

duplicated users - Domain - Domain controllers

Dear AllI have the following problem.I have my domain, I will use examples for the problem.Contoso.com and I have my controllers dom-cont1 and dom-cont2. I have domain usersuser1 and user2.When reviewing these users in lansweeper, they come up as dup...

Talotex by Engaged Sweeper
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display custom field in report

hi all,i have have a query to list the pc and that specify a certain sowftware is not installedcan you plaese help//NEWBIE  HERE------ is used the custom field to state that its not installed.. Select Distinct Top 1000000 tsysOS.Image As icon,tblAsse...

MC by Engaged Sweeper II
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