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Chrome History

You will need chrome history viewer to use this action.You can get it here{actionpath}ChromeHistoryView.exe /UseHistoryFile 1 /HistoryFile "\\{computer}\c$\Users\{username}\appdata\local\Goo...

seraphielx by Engaged Sweeper III
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SQL LocalDB (express) to SQL Server final checks

Hey everyone,I'm planning to move my Lansweeper database from SQL LocalDB to SQL Server in the next couple of days, and I wanted to double-check if anyone had any last-minute advice or gotchas to look out for.I've reviewed the Lansweeper and Microsof...

Simple "server offline" check

Hi all,New user here, really liking the asset scanning and hoping I can utilize this for some very simple server alerts should they go offline since the last scan.Has anyone developed such a "report" that I can setup an email alert on perhaps?  I mus...

Watso by Engaged Sweeper
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VB Script popup wont appear on the Asset Host.

Hi Quick question i setup a vb script with a yes or no continue option for the end user. I can access the VB script from the Asset(end-user) host if i go to the shared drive. But when i hit the deploy button after setting up the vb script with the sc...

MartinSmets_0-1663945087379.png MartinSmets_1-1663945216224.png

Reports Total - History

Greetings Sweepers,I am using  a Lansweeper Custom report for my Conference rooms, i monitor all sorts of data everyday.i have 164 Conference rooms total and it works well for the information i am looking for.There is a ''but'',  some mornings, my re...

EtiBel by Engaged Sweeper
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Event filter widget, Can't add filter.

Hi, I have a problem with "Event Filter" widgets, in my actual version, I can add this widgets in the dashboard but i can't "Add filter", i push the button but it do nothing.Thank you for your help.

Unnamed by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! All Patches Report

Hello all, I am new to creating reports in Lansweeper and cannot seem to figure out how to create the type of report I am needing. Would someone be able to provide how to generate a report that would show all patches/updates that a device has had ove...

CBIT by Engaged Sweeper
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Great Day everyone, i need some help, I dont know if there's any way, but i would like to implement a tmer per ticket creater, where i can click to start this timer, pause and go to another one whenever i want, as if was GLPI's Actual time, can someo...

Launch Teamviewer from lansweeper

Hello.I've been following the steps from and have done everything accordingly, but once I try to run the action it just flashes open and closes again with nothing ...

CHE by Engaged Sweeper
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Error when running ONE custom action

I recently added a couple of more custom actions, and one of them isn't working.    I'm trying to launch TeamViewer, but I get this error :"This action cannot be run due to a web browser configuration issue."   This is ONLY with the TeamViewer custom...

pryan67 by Champion Sweeper II
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