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Dashboard, chart and report for Toner Levels w/color

My dashboard with a chart quick glance at toner levels, and a colorized report with more toner details set to highlight items with 10% remaining. If LS has info on the printer it can show the reorder # of the toner as well.===================Chart: T...

rader by Champion Sweeper II
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hardware inventory lan

Hi everybody know how I collect a hardware inventory in my Lan only information " Computer Name - Processador Model - Memory - Operational System - Hard Disk Volume - Username and manufacturer" ? Have a template or i need to custom this? Could you he...

Low Hard Disk Space (coloured) - Win+Linux

Hi,I thought I'd share this report. We don't have Macs, so not sure if this works for them, but this is basically a low disk warning for any Windows drive or Linux partition. Currently Lansweeper only provides a Windows low disk report, and you can h...

AndyIps by Engaged Sweeper II
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Create Links to ivanti (Heat) Incidents within Lansweeper reports

If you want to have references to ivanti Heat Incidents within Reports  the following code should help, I have used Custom1 Field for the Incident Number, helpful if you log calls, for faults, upgrades etc    'http://HEAT-SERVER/Login.aspx?ProviderNa...

ASismey by Engaged Sweeper III
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Data for last hour

I can get data for one day using  > GetDate() - 1   How do I get data for last hour ?

Cooldood by Engaged Sweeper
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Microsoft Audit

Hi Everyone,There will be a Microsoft audit on this upcoming months. May we ask for your help if there's a way that we could add a new field in a specific report that we can tagged a machine that it has already been audited so that in the next audit,...

klydos by Engaged Sweeper II
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REPORTS - Join data from three different columns into the same one

Hi all,I'd like to join the data from three different columns in a report, this fields are amount of RAM, DDR type and memory speed in MHZ. I've got the parameters and the report shows them well, but as I have it in the next column about HDD info (co...

Email reports sending multiple instances of the same report

I just set up email reporting in our environment, and the reports are sending correctly and to the correct place, but each time I hit 'Email configured reports now' (to test the email reports) it sends 7 instances of the same report, and I'm not sure...

Resolved! Report on Devices found in Lansweeper but not found in Intune?

I'm trying to figure out how to have a Lansweeper report that shows what devices in Lansweeper are NOT enrolled in Intune. Is that possible? I found a report that shows what devices are enrolled in Intune, but I'm trying to figure out which Devices m...

LS Agents No asset linked

Hi Everyone,Hope you are all doing good today,I would like to ask if is it safe to delete the records in the LS Agents Asset that is showing -- No Asset Linked?Regards

klydos by Engaged Sweeper II
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Application Patching Console Dashboard Report

This example may be useful to some people, it's a simple Dashboard Report which gives access to the download location of each of the applications you patch / upgrade, just for convenience, with a link to a "how to guide", I have included some of the ...

ASismey by Engaged Sweeper III
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Refined Report - OS: Windows 11 Requirements Audit

I have made some enhancements and refinements to a number of reports and wanted to share them here.  This report was introduced here: have a single computer that is just barely ...

TVBanks98 by Engaged Sweeper
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Report to see wich devices have a USB-C port

Hi We're trying to figure out a report to list whether or not a laptop has a USB-C type port but so far no luck. Anyone already faced a similar challenge in the past and has a solution? Cheers