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Resolved! Need Help Hiding Certain Assets In Report

Hi, I have a report to show assets not yet approved by our CM team. We have a custom field called Function that we have used to identify a device's purpose as well as note those that are not approved on our network.When I try to filter out those mark...

PapaTuck by Engaged Sweeper II
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Report Process: Hacker's or admin's tools

I have created report to check processes with hacker's or admin's tools  Select Distinct Top 1000000 tblAssets.AssetID, tblAssets.AssetUnique, tblAssets.Domain, tblAssets.Username, tblADusers.Displayname, tblADusers.Department, tblADusers...

Resolved! Current 2024 End of Life SW Report

I've been asked about creating/updating an EOL software report to find software installed on our assets with the EOS dates.  Is that even possible in Lansweeper? I found an old report that only shows MS Visual Studio 2010. I would need to include mor...

PapaTuck by Engaged Sweeper II
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Built-in Bitlocker Report Accuracy

Is there a way to gather the percentage of a device drive encryption in LS? Currently the "Encryptable Volumes" report only gathers the protection status. This only gives half the picture as we have systems marked as not encrypted but its just suspen...

Refined Report: CVE-2023-7024

CVE-2023-7024 affects both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge according to Mitre.CVE - CVE-2023-7024 ( found the following report a bit lacking because it left out Edge.  It also only lists affected assets and does not give a full overview o...

TVBanks98 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Google Chrome Audit for December 20th 2023

Here is an updated report for a Google Chrome audit.As of today version 120.0.6099.130 has been released.Lots of talk of another zero day being quickly patched.  Select Top 1000000 tblAssets.AssetID, tblAssets.AssetName, tblAssets.Domain, tsysA...

duster1 by Engaged Sweeper III
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End of Support Software Report

Based on the following lists of EOS software, I've created a report which can be used to identify whether you've got software in your network which is close or is no longer supported. The EOS date is also shown after each software found. For more inf...

Esben_D by Lansweeper Employee
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Custom Assets/State Report

Hello.I'm trying to create a report for custom Assets/State type.I have a Asset Group with 49 Assets but my report is showing only 5/49 assets.Select Top 1000000 tblAssets.AssetID, tblAssets.AssetName, tsysAssetTypes.AssetTypename, tsysAssetTyp...

gcrucitti by Engaged Sweeper II
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