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OIDC SSO connected to Azure - asks to setup new site

Hi,I have setup SSO with our Azure platform using OIDC - sadly I did this before finding out that adding verifying the domain is irreversible - (that warning needs to be at the top!!), so I cannot change to SAML.I have set the token email_verified to...

sc3 by Engaged Sweeper
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THIS WEEK Lansweeper Community API Office hours for developers

Reminder everyone, please join our session this week - 7th March, 9am Pacific, Link below This is the link for the Teams call.We will provide updates on both API developments and new integrations released since our last office hours (Q4 2022).  We wi...

Casslloyd by Lansweeper Employee
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ConnectWise Asio/RMM Integration?

I wanted to check and see if LanSweeper has already or has plans to interface with ConnectWise's Asio RMM platform where detailed information about end point devices (namely switches, PC's, servers, and printers) can be dumped into for management and...

modem by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweeper Community API Office hours for developers

TALK SESSIONTuesday March 7 - 9AM PTQ1 Lansweeper Community API Office hours for developers will provide updates on both API developments and new integrations released since our last office hours (Q4 2022). We will also hold an open discussion to exp...

Casslloyd by Lansweeper Employee
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LsAgent questions

I have been looking through the furums and not quite finding the answers I am looking for.  First and foremost, can LsAgent be installed to report back directly to my LanSweeper server?  I have an IP/port that I can forward to my server.  I would rat...

LANWT by Engaged Sweeper
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Creating a Identity Code

Hey Lansweeper Community,Watch this tutorial to learn how to create an identity code for use, to access our API and our Integrations Applications. 

Casslloyd by Lansweeper Employee
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Resolved! Trouble authenticating Lansweeper in Jira

Hi,I am trying to integrate Lansweeper in Jira, and have followed the guide (, when I try the URL code i get the following error: "Failed to load site data, please ensure that you have entered...

Lansweeper Integration with Checkpoint

Hi Lansweeper CommunityWe are evaluating the demand for data Integration with Checkpoint. Are you also a checkpoint customer? If so which products of Checkpoint are you using and how valuable would it be for you to have Lansweeper Asset data availabl...

Casslloyd by Lansweeper Employee
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Software Deployment Integrations

Hi everyone,We'd like to develop one or more integrations to cover software/patch deployment in our LS Cloud, and we'd love your help!Which software, that provides such functionalities, you'd like to see a new integration for? and why?Thanks in advan...

intune phone number import

Has anyone noticed that the phone numbers being imported from intune now have the Word "Primary" at the front? of the number. For Australian numbers this is a problem as it then can't add the last digit, so the phone number information is incomplete....

Jebster by Engaged Sweeper
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Issues Scanning Microsoft 365/Azure AD

Hello,We are running the trial version.I have been trying to get the Microsoft 365/Azure AD scanning (with PowerShell) to work. I followed these (1) (2) guides very closely, and I created a self-signed cert for PowerShell scanning. When attempting to...

Will by Engaged Sweeper
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JIRA integration for Lansweeper, AVAILABLE NOW

all Jira issues can now be auto-enriched with Lansweeper asset data.Download the App from you like it, please leave us a good review in the Atlassian ...

Casslloyd by Lansweeper Employee
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