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I found an article on adding a second scanner to our cloud environment: Set up an installation with multiple scanning servers (

The article states that the local db should be shared with the new scan server, rather than create a new one.  Does this apply to a cloud environment?  I used a local db on the scan server because I thought it only stored data until it can be uploaded to the cloud. We have a 10K license, so let me know if I should use a separate DB.  

I know I need to copy the encryption file to the new server, so credentials can be transferred.  Is there anything else I should know?


New Customer

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hello @swright 

The challenge you are facing is the Microsoft limitations on the SQL LocalDB instance. For a 10k asset license, the local database will end up growing larger than the limitation will allow. Secondly, LocalDB has doesn't allow connections to the database outside of localhost. 

For installations over 5,000 assets, it is recommended to install Lansweeper with the Advanced installation using a different SQL version. If you decide to do this now, you will need to migrate your database to another SQL install as previously mentioned. 

One work around, since you are Lansweeper Sites user, you can work with Sales to get another (split) license key and install another install of Lansweeper. If you are an Enterprise customer, I'd encourage you to reach out to your Customer Success representative. They can help you walk through the steps and options.

I hope this brings a little clarity to the challenges you are facing. 

Tim N.
Lansweeper Employee