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Check for sophos and wpkg

I'm new to Lansweeper and to SQL, so the guide didnt say much to me.Anyone know how to make a script that make an alarm if Sophos and WPKG is not installed. (one alarm for each)It should work the same way that the included Fsecure-script does but for...

ifm by Champion Sweeper
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Need help with report error.

I'm trying to run the following SQL script to generate a report of all of the software on machines, organized by machine instead of software. This script worked on the machine where Lansweeper was originally installed but is generating an error when...

cnenzel by Engaged Sweeper
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Modifications in Report

Hello,we need to change the default report settings, at present whenever I select software search, hardware search I am getting default format as shown in the figure.We want to get replace Description field to Username so that we dont need to click o...

globeop by Engaged Sweeper
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Description of DB Tables

Hi guys,is there a description of what the tables include. Sure this could be a book in size but maybe there is a short description available containing where to locate the most common fields. CheersLarsP.S:Anybody tried erWIN from CA?

History and Change tracking functionality

Hello,I was wondering if Lansweeper (Premium) has the functionality to detect and record modifications. What I am looking for is to detect the latest modificatioins with installed/removed software. This wil help me to determine when a new unauthorize...

Guest by Lansweeper Employee
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