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All Software found in Organization vs. asset scanned

When I look at all the software listed for my organization, it shows the total scanned assets with that software detected, but it isn't accurate. When I click on the link to show me all assets witht that software, it will list assets that don't have ...

mcclureco by Engaged Sweeper
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Asset Management Types

Good morning,I am struggling to understand how I can group assets by type (laptop, desktop, server, thin client, etc.). If I try to change Asset Type from 'Windows' to Laptop (or Desktop), LS throws an error that I cannot change the Windows type. Rig...

SJ3ff by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! IIS Website(s) Collection

Is there a way to collect the website(s) running on a web server when using IIS.We have several servers with different websites running and want to run a report that allows to know which sites are running on which servers.Thanks

searerg by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Isremote

Hey, is there a way to set up the Advanced Action to run the Isremote.exe as Administrator so that I don't have to click on it and approve it to run on my computer every time I want to remote into someone's machine?Thanks!

Resolved! Lansweeper as enterprise level CMDB autodiscovery tool

We are currently using ITSM solution that is covering wide range of ITIL processes but it is missing CMDB autodiscovery tool that can fulfill on enterprise level role of intelligent autodiscovery solution that can be used for maintaining and controll...

dokhook by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Monitors by relation including tblMonitor data

There are days I can't SQL my way out of a paper bag. Today appears to be one of those....Quick & basic monitor report also finds the build in screens on Laptops, which I don't want. So, I've got a report using AssetRelations & AssetRelationTypes tha...

esr by Champion Sweeper
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Resolved! Dell PC list with attached Monitors

Hi,I am using SQL Compact Database. I would like to get a listing of all my PCs with their attached monitors. Some of my pcs have up to 3 monitors attached. The problem is that my report is breaking out each attached monitor to a separate line. I...

J-M by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Cisco WLAN Lightweight Access Point

Cisco Lightweight WLAN AccessPoints can't do SNMP while connected to an Controller (Cisco WLC)If I enable SSH on the AccessPoints, lansweeper detectes them as "linux".Does anyone have experience with that? Is there any way to detect them correctly as...

Resolved! SQL Core issues with License compliance

I find the License Compliance section of Lansweeper the most frustrating part. At the moment I am adding licensing for Sql core products. The information tab asks you to put in how many cores per server. The issue I have is that most servers have va...