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Engaged Sweeper III
Are there any security feature builtin that can be used to control that tickets assigned to a specific team is hidden from agents not in that team and Not just filtering, but blocking access?

We could use it if other departments in the company wants to use the Helpdesk and then we want to separate it.

One other thing are there any plans soon on having different sent from mail adresses instead of just default? It is very difficult to have other departments using the helpdesk because they have other mail adresses they receive from and helpdesk should sent tickets/replies from that specific departments mail.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Sending emails from multiple email addresses will be in our next release. I also updated the wishlist post a few days ago.
Engaged Sweeper III
My understanding is all work for new features on the Helpdesk side of things have stopped.
Engaged Sweeper II
Any updates on this request? This is a feature I would love to see as well soon.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Agents will only be able to view tickets and respond to the following tickets:
  • Tickets assigned to a team he's a member of.
  • Tickets with a ticket type that's linked to a team he's a member of.
  • Tickets assigned to him.
  • Tickets he's subscribed to.
  • Tickets he's created.
  • Tickets he's a CC user of.
If you would like some more information about how Teams work in the helpdesk you can find it in this knowledgebase article:

It is possible to send ticket notes from other email addresses. However, these will need to be aliases of the main email account. The agent linked to the alias will be able to send from his alias email by setting tickets to personal using the ticket action.
Using multiple outgoing email addresses and sending tickets based on type or team with a specific email address is on our wishlist and I've added your topic to the feature request to add weight to it.