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Engaged Sweeper III

our company uses LS for a lot including historical information and we are now having an issue where a former VM which is marked as Decommisioned instead of Active and is no longer on the network IP was removed from it in LS but a new VM wial it does show up and everything is there for it, I can't edit it because apparently they have the same MAC addresses and I can't edit the old historical machines MAC  to clear it out. this is more of a specific use case for us and because we are a medical facility there are additional things we half to do to meet some requirements keeping historical information on VM's and other machines is one of them. this is more me letting LS team know this may be something they want to investigate and see if there is something in the future that they can do. I would change the MAC in my vSphere but I dint find out this was happening till later on after everything was set up the new VM's are expressways but show up as Linux Im guessing due to the OS installed being linux based so im not sure if changing the MAC address now will brake our setup. 

Champion Sweeper III

Reach out to LS Support and they will help you change the MAC address for the old asset -  though, if its for historical purposes, and the MAC really is duplicate (how did that happen? from a VM Template somewhere?) I'd keep it personally.

You will most likely need to run a SQL query from the db maintenance tool or SSMS -  Support should be able to help.

Engaged Sweeper III

I am not sure how it happened I actually can't even see the duplicate MAC address on the old VM, the MAC listed is different but the error when trying to update the new machine clearly states I can't do it due to a duplicate MAC address. 

I can do a reverse update on things I NEED to change using the cloud interface so I'll probably keep things as they are MAC addresses wise sins you are correct it is historical information, it's just very odd all around, and thought id mention this so that it can be seen.