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Engaged Sweeper

Hi, I'm having problems with lansweeper and its agent on linux. I need to know why the information regarding users on the server isn't being refreshed. I have the agent installed and running smoothly on my RHEL server, I have created a user and it was mirrored in the lansweeper console, but when I delete it from the server, it continues to appear in the list of users. How does the lansweeper agent read what users are on the linux system?
In the /etc/passwd file no longer In the /etc/passwd file there is no longer any reference to the deleted user, nor in /home/ Where else to look and how to understand how the agent reads the users of a Linux system?

Engaged Sweeper III

How are you attempting to rescan the server? Remember that doing a manual rescan from within Lansweeper does not invoke an agent scan; rather, it will attempt to scan via SSH credentials, which may not work if the appropriate credentials have not been configured. Even then, that method of scanning is subject to the Scanned Item Intervals, and I believe the default is that Linux users and groups are only scanned weekly:


Otherwise, as suggested by ErikT you are stuck waiting for the agent scan interval to pass before the agent will rescan the data, and you will need to confirm what the scan interval is for the lsagent group the asset belongs to; e.g.


Hope that helps point you in the right direction. By the way, Esben's Protip on Linux Least Privilege Scanning provides some pretty good details on how Linux scanning works, and the commands it uses to retrieve information.


Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support



LsAgent for Linux will scan and update all users at each scan interval. Remember that the minimum scan interval for LsAgent is 4 hours. If you choose a more frequent schedule, your LsAgent installations will silently default to an interval of 4 hours.