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Product Team
Product Team

We've been hard at work to bring you these improvements, and we're excited to introduce the following key features:

  1. Modules as Assets.

  2. OT Inventory in On-prem.

  3. Cloud OT Inventory Management.

  4. New Linking Flow.

  5. Protocol Iteration.

  6. Terminology Changes.

All are available with our Starter License. Check the complete post here.
We value your feedback. Please share your thoughts with us.

Honored Sweeper

Our controllers are NP5130, NP5232, NP5232I, NP5430.

Hi, we have addressed some tests and are happy to confirm that our sensor can scan those models through the Moxa protocol.
I'd like to jump on a call to understand your setup and see what might happen.



Do  I need to set settings on controller side?
Does OT sensor work in different sub-networks or in plain network? Or does MOXA's protocol works via routers?

You would need to install a sensor for every vlan to have the needed visibility.

Honored Sweeper

Is there standalone tester for OT?

In my infrastructure OT Scanner doesn't detect MOXA contoller (but LS Scanner can check them via SNMP). And I can't understand what I can change for OT Scanning.

Hi there,
Thank you for reaching out. 

In the OT Sensor, we are not sending out a general SNMP request like the IT scanner. But we do send requests with SNMP in specific protocols only when needed. 
Can you share with me (by DM if you prefer) the model that you are trying to scan? So we could validate is we cover it or if we need to include it in the Moxa protocol.