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Engaged Sweeper II
Since we started using Lansweeper for our asset management & help desk a few years ago, my organization has had an ongoing problem. We are using IIS (not IIS-Express) and our own SSL certificate. We also have Integrated Windows Authentication turned on for Lansweeper.

Most of the time, this all works perfectly fine. But occasionally, a user's web browser would get a personal certificate issued by MS-Organization-Access. When this happens, the user will receive a "403- Forbidden: Access is Denied" error when trying to access our Lansweeper site. If we delete that certificate, everything starts working and life is happy again.

We've just rolled with it for the last few years because it hasn't been a huge deal and it was easy enough to just nuke the certificate off the user's computer when it happened. However, it seems like the issue is happening more and more frequently these days to the point where we need to come up with a permanent fix.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to deal with this? I'm guessing we can't just prevent the MS-Organization-Access certificate from being issued (though it never seems to break anything else when we delete it). So is there a way that we can at least prevent it from hijacking the the connection/login process to our site?