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Engaged Sweeper
Having recently switched to using the Lansweeper helpdek everything seems to be working well but we haven't been able to resolve this one. New tickets are created with an open state, but once assigned the state doesn't automatically change to in progress. It also doesn't change when an agent logs the initial note (I'm not sure if the latter is by design? but know the state should be updated when the ticket is assigned).

We've updated Lansweeper to the latest release with no change. I've looked through the config but can't see any way of controlling this behavior. Is there something we need to do to get this working?

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
You can't trigger a state change during automatic assignment of a ticket. Obviously, if its a manual assignment, you can simply change the state.

The way we use it internally, tickets stay open when they come in and people are working on them. Once an initial response is sent, it is set to resolved or awaiting reply (there is an option to the left of the send button to select the state before sending the note to the user).

Once a ticket comes back when a user replies, it is automatically set to "In progress". You can change this in configuration\ticket content under Ticket states.