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Engaged Sweeper III


It happen very often that I need to search many assets, but with the main asset (All assets) view I'm unable to filter properly what I need. Then, I have no choice to create a report where I can make a search with conditions "and/or/like/etc."

I give you some examples:

It is possible to filter asset type to get a result with all asset but not "monitor" type (NOT) ?

It is possible to filter asset type to get a result with Windows and Linux only (AND) ?

It is possible to filter asset where the IP address start with 10. and end with .1 (10.*.*.1) (regex) ?

It is possible to filter asset where the model contain the text "laser" instead starting with HP LaserJet, Brother laserXXX, etc. (like) ?


Thank you !!!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Glenn_Gagne  did you try the suggestion below from @Mister_Nobody ? 

Honored Sweeper II
Honored Sweeper II

If you don't want to create SQL reports but want to use search mask then you have only few options (as I know) in on-premise engine.

In Lansweeper you can create search masks in the search bar:
First option:
_ - character by character skip
Example - 2 characters skipped by specifying two underscores:

The second variant:

Omission of an arbitrary number of characters - % is used, but you have to type %25 (if two or more digits in a row)

more parameters here


%Any string of zero or more characters.WHERE title LIKE '%computer%' finds all book titles with the word computer anywhere in the book title.
_ (underscore)Any single character.WHERE au_fname LIKE '_ean' finds all four-letter first names that end with ean (Dean, Sean, and so on).
[ ]Any single character within the specified range [a-f] or set [abcdef].WHERE au_lname LIKE '[C-P]arsen' finds author last names ending with arsen and starting with any single character between C and P, for example Carsen, Larsen, Karsen, and so on. In range searches, the characters included in the range may vary depending on the sorting rules of the collation.
[^]Any single character not within the specified range [^a-f] or set [^abcdef].WHERE au_lname LIKE 'de[^l]%' finds all author last names starting with de and where the following letter isn't l.


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