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Engaged Sweeper
I am trying to mitigate a teams tickets and route them to the proper team.

I create a test email that says in the subject my search term to apply the dispatch rule- MSA tablet

I created a Ticket Dispatch rule that says Subject LIKE MSA and another Subject LIKE tablet

My description contains the text "Test routing ticket"

This does not work when i create a test email sent to my help desk with the subject MSA tablet
and the description shown above

I created a rule for Subject LIKE Msa then a rule for Subject LIKE tablet
I then created a rule for description like MSA and description like Tablet
and the body of test ticket says MSA tablet test ticket"

It seems my rules work on descriptions, but not subjects. Is there a reason?

My other question can i use AND to link two search parameters? Example Subject like "MSA" AND "Tablet"
can i use multiple keywords for search terms such as... Subject Like Msa, MSA, MsA or "MSA" "tablet" "MsA" all on one rule set, or do i have to create a new line/condition for each instance of a word/variation of a word?
Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support
Hi Dave DeWeese,

Looking at your screenshot it looks you've added too many conditions in one rule.

If you add multiple types of conditions, an email must meet ALL conditions to be affected by the dispatching rule. If you add multiples of the same condition type, an email must meet just one of the conditions to be affected by the dispatching rule.

More information about dispatching rules can be found in the following article.

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