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Engaged Sweeper III

We have many switch stacks in our environment. Most of them are built with Catalyst 9300 switches. The product OID that comes back for these is which the Cisco OID tool reports back as cisco9300FixedSwitchStack. Lansweeper reports this OID as Catalyst 9300-24P instead of a stack. Lansweeper does correctly read all of the ports in the stack and shows links to the assets that are found on those ports. The problem with the reporting is that Lifecycle reports these stacks as nearing end of life. The system also is unable to scan IOS version at this level (OID This may also mean that Security Insights cannot properly analyze these assets.

We also have a stack of 9400 switches that does not return an iOS version either. That OID is and it reports as a Catalyst 9407R.

I searched the community for previous threads on switch stacks and found very little. The only relevant one I found was from several years ago saying that deeper scanning could not be done.

My network admin did find that there is another MIB that could possibly give a solution on this. The thread he gave me as reference deals with PRTG but the methodology could probably be adapted. The MIB referenced is CISCO-STACKWISE-MIB. The thread is

If you are able to update the scanning engine to use this, I am not sure how I would expect the result to be treated. Logically it is 1 asset but there could be multiple serial numbers found so should that trigger Lansweeper to create multiple assets with same IP address and asset name?

Please give me some indication if this will be added to a roadmap, or if it is feasible to work into the system.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

Scanning stacked switches is still very limited, as explained in that forum post you found. It's on our customer wish list to improve on this, but we can't guarantee that this feature will be implemented or provide you with an estimated release date at this time.

However, we have some KB articles that you might find useful: