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Lansweeper Tech Support

You notice that devices cannot be scanned or deployed to agentless. You have recently updated your group policy settings. This issue must be resolved STAT!

What could be happening?

This may be a case of the Group Policy settings preventing WMI calls. If the following settings are enabled, Lansweeper can’t scan or deploy to the devices:

  • Restrict Unauthenticated RPC clients
  • Enable RPC Endpoint Mapper Client Authentication

What is the solution?

Both settings should be set to 'Disabled,' if possible. Alternatively, you could see if there are options to exclude specific applications from being affected by the implementation of the GPO. Whitelisting Lansweeper would may not be ideal but would likely allow the scanning to proceed without issues.

What if, due to security concerns, these settings need to be enabled?

If these policies are a hard requirement for security reasons, you could opt to use our scanning agent as an alternative. As the agent performs the scanning locally, the GPO won't stop it. However, it will still need a connection to the scanning server to provide its scanned data. More details on this can be found here: 

What can Lansweeper do?

We have made a case for our development team to look into having the scanning service perform a successful authentication to work with the "Authenticated without exceptions" rule. That said, requested features on the customer wish list are prioritized based on customer demand and difficulty to implement. As such, we can unfortunately not guarantee this will be implemented or provide you with an expected release date.


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