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Lansweeper Cloud

Hi All, Have just setup Lansweeper Cloud. Is there a requirement for Inbound firewall changes etc from the Cloud Console to the On-Prem Server? Both our scanning servers are in the Internal network, if that is the case do we need the scanning servers...

dkirin by Engaged Sweeper
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scanning network devices

we have AD auth set up for our network switches. LS is scanning them with a read only AD account , and getting this error - %% Unrecognized command: "cat /etc/*release"It seems the account has access as we get port info and info on what is attached t...

Switch Dell S4128 Scan error

Hi all,after scan I got the following error on a Dell switch S4128"Syntax error on line stdin:1 "cat /etc/*release": Unknown command."SSH Credential are OK and are the same used to access Dell N series switches. Does anyone else have the same message...

MatteoR by Engaged Sweeper
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Asset relations removed on user page

Recently we updated to Lansweeper v. that update we've noticed that the asset relation tab on the users page is gone and we can't find a way to get it back.The only tab we can see are the latest windows machines the users has logged ...

Yackim by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Patch Tuesday report showing wrong results

I ran the patch tuesday report (september) against my updated servers, and a big chunk of them shows kbKB5005573 as not installed.The update IS installed on the servers, and the machines were scanned 3 days after the update was installed.

NoZart by Engaged Sweeper II
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"Unknown" exclusion does not exclude Unknown assets

Lansweeper Version: install is less than two months old. Since the beginning we have had "Unknown" assets excluded.[Scanning Targets / Exclusions]"Asset Type","Unknown","These assets return too little data."However, every day I have to ...

ldockery by Engaged Sweeper II
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Buongiorno,avrei bisogno di lanciare un comando che va a modificare il valore stringa "ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE" nella chiave "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Flexlm License Manager"Se uso il seguente comando in LOCALE da DOS tutto funziona, ma s...

Asomich by Engaged Sweeper
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additional languages on every mail

screenshot<div style=""><font style="" size="3"><font face="Arial" style="font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; font-family: Arial, Verdana;"><br></font></font></div><div style=""><font style="" size="3"><font face="Arial" style="font-weight: norm...

TVetter by Engaged Sweeper
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All Hardawre REPORT

Hi . I have a report that show all hardware in one report ( use having and grouping for remove multiple items). it was okey until add printers to report .after adding printers , Assest that don't have printer installed removed from report . how can...

Ruhollah by Engaged Sweeper
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Sync information

On a computer asset, I entered information in the building and department section. Is it possible that this information is dynamically updated with the connected assets (relations) like monitors?I need to create a report every year on all equipements...

IT_VVD by Engaged Sweeper
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How do I create a new ticket using the API?

I have followed all the documentation and spent several days trying to create a new ticket. When I add just the standard keys to the url, it works fine. But if I add even 1 single custom field, I get this response:{"Files":null,"Success":false,"Mess...

sqlServerId is changing

Hello!I'm doing an integration between the Servicenow and Lansweeper, and I noticed that my sqlServerId (table tblsqlServers) is changing, and that's impacting on the relationship between our assets, databases, etc.So, I don't know exactly how I can ...

bzll by Engaged Sweeper
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iFrame broken in LS 9

We just upgraded to v 9 of LS and now the content that did work in an Iframe no longer work. "The content cannot be displayed in a frame" Can this be addressed?

LRHK by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweeper updates without stopping whole IIS service

I would appreciate if Lansweeper wouldn't stop the whole IIS service when updateing the website part of our installation.There are more than just the Lansweeper site hosted on our IIS server, so updates can only be done in maintenance hours.Isn't sto...

HStr by Engaged Sweeper II
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