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Server Side Actions

It would be extremely handy if actions like WOL could be marked for server side execution.Here is a link to a WOL COM object that can be scripted from ASP. would allow publishing the Lansweep...

Custom actions in Dashboard

It'd be handy to have custom actions available to the dashboard (for general things that don't target a specific computer).

taeratrin by Champion Sweeper
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HelpDesk package

a lot of the other network scanners (like spiceworks) include a helpdesk package that stacks on to the default webpage (so i could give my users http://servername/lansweeper31/helpdesk.htm) to do helpdesk reporting to the IS would be quite...

DSenette by Engaged Sweeper
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Decision to buy the tool

Hello,I am really tired to test Inventory tools and find out that almost all of them do not get correct all information that you have installed in all PC's in your netowrk.I saw your advertise and it impressed me so perfect it looks like, but when I ...

Anamaria by Engaged Sweeper
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Produkey Viewer

To view your product key of MS productsdownloaded from: action:produkeycmd.exe /k produkey.exe /remote {computer}This would be great if we can put it in the sql database! So we can filter o...

atys by Engaged Sweeper
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Driver Versions

How about a way to view versions of particular drivers on each computer? Ensure that everyone is running the latest version of the WNIC driver would be pretty handy.I am still new to LANSweeper, so I apologize if this feature is already included and...

HarkinsIT by Champion Sweeper
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List of all table names and decriptions in Lansweeper database

I'm testing out Lansweeper, it's a great product!Question, is there a list of all the table names and description in the database so I can learn to generate reports myself?I'm also trying to create a list of allowed software. There is a SQL statemen...

alee by Engaged Sweeper
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Search by [field]

I've been seeing a lot of posts with questions regarding searching by a field other than the ones provided (Computer, User, Software). Maybe it would be a good idea to have a drop-down box populated with a list of several search-able fields.

taeratrin by Champion Sweeper
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Ability to specify registry key to scan

It would be good if we could specify a registry key to scan, for example I wantHKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\DISPLAY\{display id}\{monitor id}\Device Paramaters\EDIDSo I can get the monitor serial number from the EDID information.

AD User Details New Attributes - WishList

First, thanks for this fantastic application.It's possible to capture the following user attributes in the table dbo.tblADusers, is not necessary that they appear in the web page (as the description attribute) ??List of attributes:employeeID employe...

grebi by Engaged Sweeper
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How I do custom actions

First of all I found out I can have the LS tools on the network. So all of my programs start with \\server\share$\. This helps so I do not need to have them on my desktop, and if I needed to change/add anything, other people would not have to re-copy...

Cobra7 by Champion Sweeper
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External Harwdare Inventory

Hi i need know if is possible collect a external hardware type Monitor (with serial), Printer (with serial), etc , automatically.Else add it manually.Best regards

HDZinfo by Engaged Sweeper
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