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Disable Agentless Windows Scanning Alltogether?

Is there a way in which you can disable agent-less windows scanning system wide?Would the option "Ignore Windows" in an IP Scanning target fit this purpose?And what to do with "Active Directory Domain" as a Target, this does not have that option.

jweyts by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Computers shown in the AD User OU

Hi,I'm running 4.0 RC1.When clicking on the User OU Overview, I see a treeview that includes my Hosts/Computer/Server OUs. Is there a reason for that? That creates rogue accounts shown as MachineName$ everywhere. The Computer OU overview doesn't show...

physh by Engaged Sweeper
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Profile creation in client systems

Hi,I configured Lansweeper ( premium Version ) through login script and clients are detecting . But in all the client system, a profile ( user profile ) is getting generated for the id which is configured in the server for client scanning . Is it po...

pras by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! OU Filtering questions

I have a few questions regarding OU filtering...1. If we have 2 domain controllers, do I need to put them both in the active directory paths?2. I have a OU that has computers that is actually inside another OU (Corporate OU > Computers OU), how would...

jasonbrink by Engaged Sweeper III
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Installing on XP Machine vs Domain Controller

I would like to know it the free version of Lansweeper can be installed on an XP Pro machine and still scan the network properly Hopefully this isn't a dumb question. In other words can lansweeper work independently without being installed on the d...

Offtopic - Changing domain\admin password

Hallo Users,I want to change our domain administrator password but it will influence the services and programs that are using admin credentials.Is there any tool / util. on the net to seek out where the Domain Admin account is used through a network....

i_kulgu by Champion Sweeper
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Resolved! Remote Control Issue

I have a strange issue with remote control. The service installs ok on client and run correctly but port 5900 is not opened. If a run winvnc.exe on client manually, the port is opened and remote control goes ok.

cheche by Champion Sweeper
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