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What do you use as a Helpdesk Ticketing Solution

Hi all, As you all know Lansweeper is a magnificent asset management solution that has delivered its value ten fold over the past couple of years. I am reaching out to see if anyone has experienced a similar level of quality application for helpdesk...

pjbate by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! disabled AD users are not deleted in lansweeper db

How come disabled AD users are not deleted in the Lansweeper DB ?I enabled all 3 option under option Server Options > User Cleanup Options.- Remove users not found in Active Directory from the Lansweeper database- Remove users disabled in Active Dire...

notis by Engaged Sweeper
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Could someone explain SLA calculations

I can't figure out how Lansweeper is calculating SLA times. This post was helpful, but I feel like it's still not displaying correctly.First, hours are set to business hours (not calendar)For normal priority tickets, initial response time is 8 hours ...

default agent not being assigned

Hi,Ive created a new ticket and set one of my agents as the default but when we create a new ticket it remains unassigned? The ticket has the box for 'pickup' available?The agent is set up as a 1st line agent if that helps?TIAStuart

Resolved! Helpdesk E-mail Issue?

Hello,My agents and I all have personal e-mail addresses, as well there being our generic support e-mail address that the HelpDesk is accessing. That is all working great. One thing that is maybe an issue, or maybe isn't working by design is this:We ...

AquaGoat by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Asset location

I want to add this into an existing report. Which table is this a part of and is there anything out there tjat breaks down what is in each table?

dtsteinb by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Require a report of Scan Times and Failures

Hi,I am trying to get a report of all our Windows Servers showing the OS, with Scan Time information, along with any Scanning errors.I've been trying to 'merge' 2 of your in-built reports - 'All scanning errors' & 'Last scan times of Windows servers'...

Trin by Engaged Sweeper II
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