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List of who logged into the Lansweeper web console and when

The report below returns a log of who tried to log into the Lansweeper web console (successfully or unsuccessfully) and when. This report only works in Lansweeper 6.0 or a more recent Lansweeper release, as tracking of web console login events was fi...

Susan_A by Lansweeper Former Employee
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Resolved! Asset type -> Sim-Card

Hi all,I'm rather noob here so keep it in mind When I create a new asset I would like to have "Sim-Card" as an option. This should then be linked to a smartphone afterwards.Is this possible to create myself or is this feature not included? Kind regar...

Preve by Engaged Sweeper II
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Datacenter management

Its a crazy wish...Is it possible to use the system to creact datacenter management (infrastructure) ?the idea is to add the following fields to the assets and base on this fields to generate report on Rack cappasity, asset location in the datacenter...

gad_d by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Report to only show assets with Custom Field 1 populated

We're starting to physically tag all our IT assets on site. I'd like to run a report to show the basic information on those assets, but I only want to see assets with that field populated. If it matters the field (for now) is a 4 digit number. IE, 00...

suspect0 by Engaged Sweeper
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Ticket custom field order

Is it possible to rearrange the order of the combobox values within a ticket custom field? Right now they only seem to display in the order they were added.

Chadh by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! snmp serial number values

I'm trying to get fields populated on everything I can in Lansweeper. As such, I'm targeting right now some Cisco Surveillance Cameras. I've enabled snmp on them, and on certain models, it pulls the value in just fine, but on other models, it does n...

jwood_mls by Champion Sweeper
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Resolved! Teamviewer ID Report

Hi,I have managed to get LanSweeper to scan our assets to grab all the Teamviewer ID's on the network for different versions But I am looking for a way to put all this information into one report.Here are the registry paths:http://f74i.imgup.net/2016...