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Champion Sweeper
I've added a ticket custom field that is a datetime record and has Agents Only and Required for closing checked.

I added a value when creating the ticket (self initiated as an agent) to the field. I then submitted the ticket, and closed the resulting ticket.

However, it required me to enter a value in the field when closing the ticket and overwrote the existing value.

I would have thought that since it already was populated, it won't require a new value.

Also, as a logged in agent, with the ticket assigned to me, I can't see that field in the closed ticket. I can see everything else.

Is there a setting to adjust so I can see the fields checked as "Agents Only" in the Change custom Fields interface?
Champion Sweeper III
As an agent you should see the custom fields. This seems like the value isn't saved. Is this reproducible? If so please send the following to
  • link to the forum
  • screenshots of edit forms and the results
  • the following file: Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Website\App_Data\web_errolog.txt

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