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Issue setting up email

HI, When trying to configure email - I get the below error after adding in all the relevant details and clicking on testThe E-mail server has not been configured correctly: One or more recipients rejected. Call SmtpException.GetRejectedRecipients() ...

Chrome/IE/FF/Browser Extensions/Addins

It would be EXTREMELY useful if LANSWEEPER could generate a report of all Browser Addins/Extensions installed on all machines.Iv seen a few various hacks that can be done by manually scanning the folder/registry for this, but we want to view ALL addi...

d_scott by Engaged Sweeper II
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Serial numbers not shown in trial version?

I am testing with the trial version and the PC serial number is not populating in my scans.Is this because I am using the trial version? Is the PC serial number serial included in any exports to excel / csv files?Thank you, Jim R

Resolved! Custom AssetID

Hy all... i start to use Lansweeper for our IT-Dep...A question we have is, if it is possible to define a own AssetID pattern!? Something like:"acme"&"4DigitNumber"!?Or maybe, we can use the "unique key" or a custom field... but than, we want to use ...

PB by Engaged Sweeper II
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VM Location

What are you setting for a Location of a VM? I cant select the actual HyperVisor! So i dont want to have all VM-Assets in my floor plan of the server!Any Ideas? Or hints? I Think i am a bit blind here!

PB by Engaged Sweeper II
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Ticket API SearchTickets

Does anyone know the correct format for MinDate and MaxDate  using the ticket API to search for tickets? The help page doesn't show it.  Hoping the format is just not for a date but includes time

lanuser88 by Engaged Sweeper II
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