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Q2 Lansweeper Community API Office hours for developers

14th June 2023 at 9am Pacific Join us for the Q2 Lansweeper Community API Office Hours for Developers, where we'll share updates on our latest API developments and new integrations since our last office hours (Q1 2023). We'll also be discussing a new...

Casslloyd by Lansweeper Employee
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Lansweeper News widget non-functional

Hello there! We've received some support cases regarding the Lansweeper News widget currently being non-functional. We have alerted our marketing team to look at the RSS feed so you can enjoy our Lansweeper News feed again as soon as possible.  We ap...


Looking into buying a Premium User Membership and got a few Questions.

Good Morning LanSweeper Team,I just came into an environment that have major issue with Software Licensing and while searching for a solution your name came up. I have been tasked with finding out how many Licenses are in use but with over 7000 user ...

AcuaTec by Engaged Sweeper
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Setting The Default Printer

I found the script below online and was wondering if it could be modified to be a lansweeper action to set a default printer.'Set variables ( remote installation -=Network Printers=- )strPrintServer = "servername"StrPrinterName = "displayname printer...

tdewar1 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Thoughts & Questions About Lansweeper

A few thoughts and questions:* I notice that the focus (as far as uniquely identifying devices) in Lansweeper is the computer name. In the life of a PC asset in our environment the computer can change a number of times as it is passed from user to u...

mgmzone by Engaged Sweeper
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Unstalling Apps

Ok .. I need your help for those that program in WMI or Cscript. I have figured out how to uninstall apps from remote systems now I would like to combine it into one script. I know that combining the information in the database and remote commands th...

Wondering ...

What about an admin menu on the webpage ... example if i make a lot of changes on the network I dont want to go to each computer on the screen and do a trigger or wait for it to scan AD for the new changes. I would like to be able to tell it to go a...


Is there some way to change the percentage calculation of a specific report?Example:I have a report that lists on which client computers something isn't installed. It all works perfectly, numbers are correct.However the number is divided by the total...

Geno by Engaged Sweeper
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Required Software or Missing Software

Similar to the Allowed Software however have a section that checks to make sure a computer has all of the required software.Example: All computers need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0. You could quickly glance at a report to see what comptuers you...

dherron by Engaged Sweeper
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Messaging Utility within Lansweeper

Any plans to build a messaging utility into the Lansweeper product?When working on a IT team (as I do) it would be nice to shoot a quick IM to a team member letting them know I'm addressing an issue that I noticed via the Lansweeper tool.thanks!Denni...

Confused - scanning

Hey all,For free - what options are there to get details of computer? I have just installed it and nothing is in the computer list. However if i use Lstrigger they are added.But isnt Lstrigger part of the paid for solution?Why does it work on the f...

Check to see if software is installed...

I am trying to simply add a report to show the computers that do NOT have Trend Micro OfficeScan installed.I have added the file to the scan options through the gui, and now am trying to add the report so it will show up in the web console.I have bee...

TelhioCU by Engaged Sweeper
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Premium Vs. Free

Hello,With the Free version, I read (And Understand) that the lsclient.exe with the login script does the scanning. But, With the premium, can I initiate the scan without applying the lsclient.exe in the Login script from a remote computer?? Can I se...

Computer Locations

Hi, is there a way that we can implement a Computer Location field? We currently have about 50 sites all over the world and would realy like to have the possibillty to see in reports and on the overview on the mainpage where the current computer is l...

oki by Engaged Sweeper
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used software

Hi thereI would appreciate, if it would be possible to see how often a software was used, and when it was used the last time.If this is possible ThanksH. Kern

hkern by Engaged Sweeper
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Offer Remote Assisstants for Custom Action

I am trying to use ORA in the Custon Action screen. I am able to run ORA using the following link over the network, but when I add this to the Custom Action list it loads the ORA screen, but I get the following error, "The page you are trying to view...

nilesf by Engaged Sweeper
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Merging 2 versions of a product

Hi,We have a lot of installations of MS office 2007 with different versions(w/o SP1 and With SP1). Lansweeper shows it as two different products. Is there a way we can merge them and show as a single product

mskrishna by Engaged Sweeper
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