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Q2 Lansweeper Community API Office hours for developers

14th June 2023 at 9am Pacific Join us for the Q2 Lansweeper Community API Office Hours for Developers, where we'll share updates on our latest API developments and new integrations since our last office hours (Q1 2023). We'll also be discussing a new...

Casslloyd by Lansweeper Employee
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Lansweeper News widget non-functional

Hello there! We've received some support cases regarding the Lansweeper News widget currently being non-functional. We have alerted our marketing team to look at the RSS feed so you can enjoy our Lansweeper News feed again as soon as possible.  We ap...


This should work right?

So ive followed the examples given here and created a report / query to see the status of NOD32 here's the sql code below, I keep forcing scans and viewing the table and all values are null anyone have any ideas? Do spaces matter when scanning for fi...

Future options request

Hi all,I've been using Lansweeper for just a month and it's great... I would add:-> Last seen list: It would be useful to have at least the 10 last seen PCs (it could be configurable by the user at GUI console: 5, 10, 20, etc).-> S.M.A.R.T. info: It ...

BeatleUy by Engaged Sweeper II
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General custom actions

It would be nice to get a list of custom actions in the main window.It can be used to have links to the actions without select any computer....

rvgfox by Engaged Sweeper
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Scheduled Tasks

On each of the computers located on our remote job sites, we have a daily Windows backup job scheduled. I've been looking for a way to monitor these jobs on each machine to ensure that they are running. Not sure if this is something that can be add...

HarkinsIT by Champion Sweeper
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Alternative database engine

I dont like MS SQL very much, its got some terrible memory management in my opinion, it would be good to have the option to work lansweeper with another db such as mysql.It should be as simple as changing the config files in the server and web folder...

Usefull concept for actions: packing files for remote execution

In this example I will run a virus clean up tool1. get the TSC utility from Trend - http://www.trendmicro.com/download/dcs.asp2. pack the 3 files using iexpress utility (packed with windows, just run: iexpress and follow the steps for a silent instal...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Organize computers by OU

This would be "the cats ass" if you could do this. On the screen that shows all the computers in a particular domain, if there was a way to organize them into what OU they are in. Even if that was a manual process, it would be very handy. Maybe a rul...

ejensen by Engaged Sweeper III
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Show Print Jobs older than 15 minutes

this one will run script against a computer and show any printer queues with jobs older than 15 minutes. Action:cmd.exe /K cscript \\SERVER\SHARE\show_print_queues_time.vbs {computer}VBscript file:Const USE_LOCAL_TIME = TrueSet DateTime = CreateObjec...

ejensen by Engaged Sweeper III
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Restore an Edited Report?

Hi all,We edited the All Servers report by accident and I was wondering is there a way to restore it back to its default? Can I re-install the Premium Pack to fix there, or is there any other way to recover this?Thanks!

ESIT by Engaged Sweeper
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Report For Process Not Running - Symantec

This is what I have, but I would like to make a report of computers that are NOT running the smc.exe. What I have here reports back all the computers that have it running. New users here. great product. Thanks.SELECT dbo.tblComputers.Computern...

mrdaytrade by Engaged Sweeper III
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LSRemote -viewonly switch?

Can we connect with a LSRemote "view only" switch?Does this switch exist?If not, is there an alternate solution for this?Thank you for your time in advance.

Addition of the additional information from the interface

It would be quite good to realize addition in "cards" of client computers of the additional information. For example accession number and conducting the account of made works with technics(technical equipment) (replacement of accessories, cleaning, s...

nizrim by Engaged Sweeper
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To add a history of events

Poorly that the history of events is not conducted.Whether probably to conduct a history of replacement of accessories in the system block, change of a name of a computer or other information with the instruction(indication) of time and date of incid...

nizrim by Engaged Sweeper
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