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Microsoft product key Report

As a new lansweeper user I wish to take advantage of the premium version and get my first report out.I got the 'Apple Inc' sample report from the doc but can't figure out how to run this one...The goal is to see the product key in use and find duplic...

neosys by Engaged Sweeper II
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secret decoder ring for roles, states, etc

Hi,As I go about building reports and exploring the LS dbase, it would be useful to have reference documentation to quickly figure out what the numbers represent in the field 'Domainrole'. For instance, 'tblComputersystem.Domainrole' < '2' means wha...

apitadmin by Engaged Sweeper
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Report to show description blank

Hello, I have recently started to use the Custom fields page, I have been adding each computer to its designated department.Now I run a report that tells me which computer is in which department. All is well...What I am stuck upon is that I want to m...

Ismail by Engaged Sweeper II
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Virtual PC's (Off topic)

This post has nothing to do with Lansweeper.Do any of you guys use Virtual PC's in your testing? I just got MS Virtual PC 2007 yesterday and figured out how to make an image and do my testing. However I noticed in some of my reading that some people ...

Cobra7 by Champion Sweeper
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Starting Dameware

Here's a small command that will start dameware mini remote on the machine you are viewing, i know it's not free but it does a great job. \\SERVER\SHARE$\dwmrc\dwrcc.exe -c: -m:{computer}You will need to have dameware installed on the server.For all...

kaarde by Engaged Sweeper III
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Use lansweeper to scan event logs

I know that with lansweeper we're able to view remote event logs. I was just wondering if there's a way incorporate lansweeper to scan those remote log events into the sql database and generate a report with filters on computers with warnings or issu...

JeffG by Engaged Sweeper
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