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Selective Attributes based on Asset Type

Is it possible to filter what fields get displayed when editing an asset based on the asset type?We have two types of assets, Servers and Applications. We have custom fields set for each of them, but would only like to see the fields for Application...

kclark by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Edit Purchased Licenses Report

Hi All,Just wondering if it is / would be possible to add custom fields into the Purchased Licenses section of Lansweeper? The functionality seems to be there for the Assets but not for the Purchased Licenses section.This would make the Purchased Lic...

WGIT by Engaged Sweeper
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Unable to scan client machines

Hello,during an IP range scan, we discovered that almost all the user machines cannot be scanned.Servers and VMs all work without an issue, but maybe 95% of the user machines are displaying connection problems.All of the machines are showing this err...

tfc2017 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Windows Server Service startname report

I have recently taken over a new environment that is is bad shape. In order to get a handle on service accounts, I want to run a report showing all services on servers and what logon name they are using. I can then sort these and pick out all the on...

Sleezel by Engaged Sweeper
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USB Devices Connected to Computers

Hi guys,Is there a report that shows me what USB devices are connected to a computer with the exception of Mice and Keyboards. I want to see USB pens, drives and Mobile Phones that are connected? ThanksDavid

wilkie1984 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Firefox Plugin Fails after update

I just updated my Firefox browser (32 bit) to version 52.0.1 and now the Lansweeper plugin doesn't work. I have tried all sorts of different approaches like Run as Administrator and such but no luck. Anyone else having problems?

malbanese1 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Renaming Detection

Hello,We have renaming detection enabled. But this just doesn’t work in our environment. We have a scheduled scan every day and a lsclient is run at userlogon (in case computer is offline on schedule). No matter how its detected, every time we rename...

dop by Engaged Sweeper III
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