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Asset Relations Report

Hi, I am after some help I would like to add an extra column to the below report showing the user Id for any current relationships they have to that asset. I am trying to work though our existing assets to determine which assets do not have relations...

Outgoing email functionality

Hey guys,Just for clarity: i can answer a user question in Lansweeper by email, right?So i receive a ticket from user@test.com. In turn i type an answer from Lansweeper helpdesk, and the answer is send to user@test.com.(I work with Manageengine Servi...

Password Management

Lansweeper already requires password information to collect information about assets. I would like a password management module that can:Password for any type of assetGranular Permission Control: Be able to controls who can view and change passwords...

Okan by Engaged Sweeper III
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Total Inventory Report

Hi all, I want to create a report which includes all asset reporting into Lansweeper.Assets lile Desktops, monitors, avaya phones, headphones etc should be included in report.Also the report should have column where it shows the status of the asset e...

atul557 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Linux tty required

Hi Guys!I recieve the error: Linux tty required when trying to access information on some of my linux-machines there is a workaround (http://www.lansweeper.com/kb/39/TTY-Required-error-during-linux-scanning.html) but there might be a solution to run ...

Resolved! Offline When Connected Via LAN

Hi,When our laptops are docked and their network connection switches from Wi-Fi to LAN, Lansweeper shows the computer as offline. It seems to be still stuck on the Wi-Fi IP address. Is there a fix for this?

Jcoleman by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Software audit issue

When we scan our server which has Exchange 2013 installed, the software is not listed. Is there an issue detecting Exchange 2013?

bmarks by Engaged Sweeper
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