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Resolved! Unconnected Monitors

I have found that our Lansweeper servers contain many monitors that are not connected to any computers. On some of our Lansweeper servers there are hundreds of such monitors. Does anyone know how this situation may have developed in the first place...

sbrunk by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Batch deployment with a tect file import

Is there a way to import assets to a Static grouping via text file for deployment of packages? We have a list of machines from another server that do not have a common element for a grouping based on filters or a sql query (report). Can we import a t...

JohnLewis by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Setting an alarm for an asset group

Howdy. I'm looking for a method of actively monitoring a certain asset group. And I want an alarm when an individual asset in an asset group can't be pinged anymore.Maybe I'm overlooking things, but I can't figure out how to do that. Could you help m...

Resolved! Detect OS and licenses

Hello, I am new to Lansweeper and want to use it to track licenses. Can it track OS types and licenses, then generate a report? Will it also detect Apple products?

Resolved! List all computers except VMmachines?

Hello,I got a simple question. I want to list all computers except VMWare machines.Now I got by AssetTypename = 'windows'. That gives all the computersNow I want to have also integrate a filter on Model, that should be: does not contain VMware or is ...

Resolved! Monitors duplicated by scan

After a 30 day trial we just purchased a license for Pro last week, so I'm still going through and adding details to all of our assets. I noticed that the scanner is duplicating monitors, so far monitors appear to be the only affected asset type. I w...