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Engaged Sweeper
I think the ability to have multiple email accounts is great but is somewhat limited in that sending from a alternate email address is not possible. If a field could be added to Outgoing E-mail templates to specify what email address sends the email, that would be much less confusing to users receiving ticket responses.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Hi dop,

This feature is currently in our beta version for people to test. You can download the beta version here:

Please note that we do not recommend using this in a production environment.

Added: #455248 It is now possible to send help desk emails from multiple email accounts configured under Configuration\E-mail Settings. If an email is sent to a specific help desk account or alias and then replied to, the reply is sent from the same account or alias. If a ticket is created in the web console and the agent has no alias, related emails are still sent from the default email account.
Engaged Sweeper III
This would be a great feature!

Any change this going in active development soon?

Lansweeper Alumni
Indeed, currently only a single account in the helpdesk can be configured to send outgoing email at a time. Whichever account is set as the "Default account" will be used. A request to expand this to allow multiple email accounts to be used for outgoing mailing already exists on our customer wishlist, we've added your feedback to this. At this moment in time this feature isn't yet in active development though and we aren't able to provide you with an estimated release date.
Engaged Sweeper
Another way this could be done is department specific Email addresses/accounts.