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Alert: New Updates to Community Forum

As we continue to iterate and evolve our Community with your help, we'll be adding new features and functionality to make sure that you have a great user experience with our site. This is just the beg...


How to: Cancel/Delete my Lansweeper Community Account?

We're sad to know you want to leave us! Before you do so, could you leave us a feedback and suggestion telling us why you chose to go? If you wish to close your Lansweeper Community account, please em...


How does the Lansweeper Community Moderation work?

Every successful community requires the creation and implementation of the Community Guidelines which outline the rules of engagement between members.  Without enforcement of these guidelines, the com...


Lansweeper Community Suggestions & Feedback

Have a suggestion or feedback about the Lansweeper Community? Then you have come to the right place! Please use the comment section of this post to let us know your ideas, feedback and suggestions of ...


How to: display inline images?

Inline images can be very helpful if used, especially in longer posts, to show users the exact object your talking about inline with your text. There essentially two ways to attach images to a message...


How to: change my username?

First, learn when and how your username was set up. If you wish to change your username, you should: 1. Click on the Avatar at the top-right corner of the Community 2. Click on "My Settings" 3. You sh...


What's my display name?

Your display name, your public name that is shown to all Community Members is your “Username”. You define your username on your first login into the platform. If you were already a Member of the retir...


How to: Subscribe to a Forum Label

A very useful feature of the Lansweeper Community is the ability to subscribe to a specific Label under our Forum. This will trigger notification emails whenever a new message with this Label is poste...


How to subscribe to a Community page

On any Community page you are in, on the right corner below of the Search bar you will find an “Options” button. Click the "Options" buttonClick on “Subscribe” to receive notifications whenever a new ...


Reporting inappropriate content and mark Spams

At the Lansweeper Community, we have a team of Moderators working along with our Community Manager to ensure all content in the community stays relevant and does not contain any kind of spam. To help ...


How to: Search on the Community

Our Search bar is visible from any page of the Lansweeper Community, right at the top of the page under the main navigation menu. The search bar is your best friend at the Lansweeper Community, use it...


How does the Ranking system work?

At the Lansweeper Community we like to recognize our Members by your contribution to building valuable engagement inside our boards. Our Ranking levels are listed below. For you to level up a ranking,...


How to: Register and Login

The Lansweeper Community provides you a Single Sign-On experience with our Lansweeper Cloud application. You do not need to have a Lansweeper Cloud license and/or account to user the community. To reg...


How to: manage my notifications settings

1. Hover over your Avatar picture on the right 2. Click on My Settings 3. Click on “Subscriptions & Notifications” and then on “Notification Settings" 4. Check or uncheck the notifications you would...


How do the Badges work?

At the Lansweeper Community we like to recognize our Members by your contribution to building valuable engagement inside our boards. Badges are granted based on community participation, and we'll be a...


How to: Mark a reply as an Accepted Solution

It’s very valuable to the Lansweeper Community and all of our Members, including you, to have the habit of marking replies as a solution, if that reply has solved your problem and the original Topic p...


How to: Give Kudos

On the Lansweeper Community you should leverage the Kudos function to show other Members that you appreciate their Topics and replies. This also elevates the value of our Community content, not only f...


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