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Add node with PowerShell

Hi - I am wanting to automate a Windows Node add using PowerShell for an end-to-end build script.I've scoured everywhere without luck. Seems to be a bit out there for pulling reports etc, but nothing for an add.Can it be done ??I only want to add the...

Resolved! Edit Asset by API - Key not found

Hi !I'm trying to use the "editAsset" function using Lansweeper API.With Postman I make a POST on , providing my token on the Header.I copied pasted the EXAMPLE REQUEST on this page

mmazoyer by Engaged Sweeper
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GraphQL Returns Grant Type Not Provided

Hello,We are trying to query our account with the below GraphQL, we get Grant Type Not Provided.  We can look up our account by querying all accounts for the site ID, but we just want our account and would rather not filter. The Postman collection co...

gschally by Engaged Sweeper
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Asset types and Jira import

 Hello Community!I hope to find a solution here. I will try to explain what we are trying to achieve.Our aim is to build a proper CMDB using the Jira Assets tool, incorporating company access management and various other elements.One of the tasks is ...

SUMO by Engaged Sweeper II
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Creating a Identity Code

Hey Lansweeper Community, Watch this tutorial to learn how to create an identity code for use, to access our API and our Integrations Applications.  

Casslloyd by Lansweeper Employee
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Resolved! Not able to retrieve mobile type data from API

I have some iPads, iPhones and some other mobile devices in my Lansweeper, which I can see via the Lansweeper portal online. However, when I try to retrieve this data via the API I cannot see fields with information in it although the assetResources ...

Resolved! GraphQL To Retrieve User Data

We are integrating calls to the Lansweeper API for a client.  When a user calls in to the helpdesk we would like to lookup their Lansweeper data and display some information for the helpdesk agent. We have successfully set up our API access and are a...

gschally by Engaged Sweeper
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