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Lansweeper doesn't collect data

I have made this PowerShell script that collects all connected printers from a computer, and puts them together in a text file:{ #Elevate script and exit current non-elevated runtime Start-Process ` -FilePath 'powershell' ` -Argum...

matiprie by Engaged Sweeper
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Missing data Windows server

Hello,Recently we started using Lansweeper and the information is being pushed by LSpush with an service account to the Lansweeper server.We discovered that the services and features of all Windows Server machines (all versions) are missing].But for ...

Not working Wake on Lan

I was wondering if someone might have an idea on what might of happen. We are running currently and the Wake on Lan feature is not working. We have not made any changes to the network or server. Couple days ago we have a couple machines tu...

RedWood by Engaged Sweeper II
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Get Windows Auto Pilot Info

Hi everyone,Has anyone come up with a working package which would collect the Auto Pilot hardware hash.This would be equivalent to running get-windowsautopilotinfo.PS1 using a LAN Sweeper package and collecting the hash remotely by deploying the pack...

bubba198 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Default package share

We have 2 domains with assets in them with no trust between the domains. I need a way to specify a Default package share for each domain with different credentials.Has anyone done this ?

cpuppos by Engaged Sweeper
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Single Line report with H/D

Hello, and thank you in advance.the system inventory report i created creates a new line for every H/D on the system, so if a systems has 3 hard drives it creates 3 lines with a same info except the Drive letter /size of the disk ext.i need help comb...

Manually Encrypting Credential for use with PAM

I am trying to set up the Lansweeper scanning credentials to be used with a PAM that automatically rotates credentials. I found the location of the key but would it be possible to set up a script of some kind to have the PAM drop the credential som...

Create custom ticket filter for all agents?

We (IT) are looking at incorporating another closely related service department into Lansweeper and trying to run both departments from the single instance, which I think will work relatively well. I've been able to filter the tickets that I see in ...