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Hi, I can see all the Azure servers on Lansweeper, but not the software for each server? Anyone else having this issue? 

Create a new asset using API

Is there any way I can create a new asset using the Lansweeper API? I read the API documentation, and it offers edit and delete assets, I didn't find any API for creating a new one.

yzeng by Engaged Sweeper
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Unable to scan a non-domain W7 Asset

Hello,I have a Windows 7 machine on my network, but it is not part of my domain.LanSweeper can find it but cannot scan it, error "Scanning Access Denied".I have checked the user and password that LSweeper is trying to use when scanning this asset and...

TCS by Engaged Sweeper
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error query path tuesday march

Buenas!! Necesito de su ayuda ya que al momento de ingresar la query del patch tuesday march me sale el siguiente mensaje:lansweeper there was an error parsing the query. [ token line number = 1,token line offset = 8433,token in error = right ]Saludo...

Seba_O_O by Engaged Sweeper
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Set Custom Fields Conditionally?

Is it possible to automatically set the value of a custom field based on properties of an asset? For example, I have a dropdown custom field I created with multiple possible values. I manually set the assets I needed to, but going forward would lik...

mgeertz by Engaged Sweeper
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Change user on ticket automatically

Is it possible to change a user on a ticket automatically? For new users we get an automated email from our HR system software. This generates a ticket and uses that email as the user that submitted the ticket. I would like those tickets to have o...

Ed by Engaged Sweeper III
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Updates to OS Version Not Reported

I am seeing a misreporting between some of my machines and the information in Lansweeper. I pushed out Win10 Upgrades last month, and some machines are not updating the OS version in Lansweeper. In the same report, I can tell some machines are refl...

KMCAKU by Engaged Sweeper
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Windows 10 1909 to 2009 Upgrade

I am trying to deploy the upgrade from Windows 10 1909 to 2009 using Lansweeper but it keeps failing.If I use the System Account the result I get is:Result: Deployment ended: Incorrect function. Stop(Failure). Credential: (xxxxxxx). ShareCredential: ...

chogan201 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Outlook plugin for lansweeper ticket system?

We just started lansweeper ticketing system, and i was wondering if i could capture emails into existing tickets or generate tickets from a email by using a outlook plugin that does this for me from lansweeper.I used other ticket systems at my previo...

duckface by Engaged Sweeper
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Scan Server Friendly Name?

Is there a way to change the scanserver name to a friendly name - so the actual hostname of the server isn't exposed to end users? Thanks.

AtariFX by Engaged Sweeper
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LsAgent not updating - Computer not scanned?

2 of 32 computers not scanned All others are scanned and data is updated It is obviously getting info from LsAgent as it knows it is not the latest revision.Last LsAgent Scan: 08/11/2020 09:33:32 - - Warning: Latest LsAgent version is 7...

mk by Engaged Sweeper
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