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No "New Device in last hour" E-mail

We have a dual boot Laptop that is installed with a 'Windows 10 pro' and a 'Ubuntu Linux 20' partition.We connect this Laptop with a wire to our network.When we boot with 'Windows 10 pro', Lansweeper add a new Assert row, but we don't get an E-mail w...

Managing Inventory

Today I replaced an older computer with a new one. The new one has the same name as the old one. When I was preparing the new one I joined it to the domain and named it the same name but just added the letter A at the end. After I did updates and ...

Delete one server logs

We have a server named SERVER2 and we are getting critical (error) reports about it. Is there a way to delete it from database (just those reports for particular server.) (Dashboard->Server->server errors->eventtype->error) Delete FROM tblAssetsWHERE...

eXPlosion by Engaged Sweeper
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Add New Asset

When I click on a network switch it will show the MAC address of the device connected.I want to identify what is on this port, so I add a new asset. Give asset name, IP, same MAC Address, etc.It will then add it, but when it tries to rescan I get an...

Brian0317 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Users cannot access Helpdesk

Our end-user are not able to see the helpdesk section of Lansweeper. When they go to the website, all they see is a page saying they don't have access.We are using Windows authentication and the user I'm testing with is in the users list.PS - I sear...

Elwood472 by Engaged Sweeper II
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list of all KB articles and who wrote them

I know that I saw it someplace, but I can't find it now.I want to get a list of all knowledge base articles, who wrote them, and when they were written. I can't seem to find it anyplace though. Did I just dream I found it before? I tried writing ...

pryan67 by Champion Sweeper II
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Search by ticket number

HI!i don't seem to be able to search ticket by their ticket number. Even if i know the ticket number and search it, i got no results (nothing to display). Could you tell me if it's possible to search by ticket number and if so, how to do it?Bests,

Techno by Engaged Sweeper II
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