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Resolved! Software Deployment choose scanning credentials

I would like to have the ability to choose which scanning credentials are used to deploy software - rather than just 'Use Scanning Credentials'.If you have multiple networks with different scanning credentials on each, you cannot select which account...

doone128 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Add ticket URL to email?

Hey guys, new user to lansweeper here, been using it for about 6 months as an asset management and internal helpdesk ticketing system.I don't "live" in lan sweeper I just jump into it as the tickets trickle in to resolve them. It would be a lot easie...

Alternative remote control agent?

How can I invoke an alternate remote control agent rather the lsremote.exe which is often lags and takes forever to load? If we can just envoke another VNC agent or even better an agent like Screen Connect?

maph by Engaged Sweeper III
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Multi Select Rows

It could be very useful to select multiple rows, for exmaple in windows sofware list select two or more sw and then view all assets with that (differente) software installed.I think it can be done with a columns of checkboxes or with mouse click + CT...

ufficioced by Champion Sweeper
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Resolved! Query Question

Select count(*), tblADGroups.Name As ADGroupNameFrom tblADMembership Left Join tblADGroups On tblADMembership.ParentAdObjectID = tblADGroups.ADObjectID Right Join tblADusers On tblADMembership.ChildAdObjectID = tblADusers.ADObjectIDWhere tbl...

abetzold by Engaged Sweeper III
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Network Map

We've been using the beta for Lansweeper 5 and have been loving all the new features. It's fantastic that we can now see what switch port a computer is connected to. One feature that i'm sure a lot of us admins would love to see is a way to use that ...

CarterD by Engaged Sweeper
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