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Does lan sweeper have an IRC channel which it's devs/users idle in, if not I recommend the creation of one, so people can better communicate.

GPO for WMI, Remote Admin, etc

Computer Configuration->Windows Settings->Security Settings->System ServicesLocate the following:TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper (Startup Mode: Automatic)Remote Procedure Call (RPC) (Startup Mode: Automatic)Windows Management Instrumentation (Startup Mode: Aut...

A couple of questions

The organization I work for is seriously considering buying a Premium membership, but there are a couple of questions we need answered first : 1) Are PO's accepted? This is how we handle most of our purchases, and having to do it through credit card ...

taeratrin by Champion Sweeper
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Lansweeper and SQL

Good afternoon,My company is looking at using this solution, but what is the impact to SQL? Is the SQL Database large or quite small? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

grundy651 by Engaged Sweeper
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Scan the network

330 clients50 servers16 locationsHow do I begin scanning the network without adding lansweeper to the login script or deploying it via gpo?Alfred

anavarro by Engaged Sweeper
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