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Report for number of apps installed on machines

I need a report that will list the number of apps installed on a machine. For example, if there are 10 Apps installed on machine x, then all I want to know is that there are 10 apps installed on machine x. I'm trying to target machines with the lea...

sunshine by Engaged Sweeper
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VNC action is not execute by ipaddress

Hi, I am using the UltraVNC Viewer and would like to use it from LANSweeper. I put the vncviewer.exe at the action path of lansweeper$. I add action command line as follows:C:\Program Files\UltraVNC\vncviewer.exe" "{ipaddress}:10203" . When...

eyalg by Engaged Sweeper
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Cisco devices not showing assets

We have about 80 switches in our environment. About half of them are Cisco and the other half are a mix of HP, Dell and 3Com. All of the HP, Dell and 3Com switches properly show the asset that is connected to a given switchport under the devices summ...

Manufacturer Wrong

How does lansweeper determine the manufacturer of a device? We are seeing devices with Dell inc as the manufacturer that have Lenovo model, serial number, and MB. I'm suspecting a wrong driver on the devices, but not sure what device driver lanswee...

arupert by Engaged Sweeper III
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Unable to check Enable report mailing box.

I upgraded our installation to version about 3 weeks ago. I went from an all in one scan server/web server to dedicated scan and web servers. Someone brought it to my attention that report emails were not coming through. When I look at the c...

Technut27 by Champion Sweeper
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Windows 10 computers show Sleep instead of Poweroff

I have noticed that all my Windows 10 computers report Sleep instead of power off even though I know the computer has been shutdown.How does Lansweeper determine power off or sleep when determining uptime..All older Windows (7 or XP) report power off...

tucksmom by Engaged Sweeper
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Software Deployments

Are you still able to deploy software with v. 6022? If so can someone please point me in the right direction. I am either blind or it is not showing up.

nrathbun by Engaged Sweeper
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